how to use wire containers

How to Use a Wire Container

how to use wire containers

What is a Wire Container?

A wire container is one of the most versatile and functional storage solutions on the market. They can move up to two tons of material at one time using a forklift truck, saving an abundance of time at the workplace. One of the biggest advantages of using wire containers involves their space-saving capabilities. Not only do they safely stack four containers high utilizing wasted air space, but they can also be collapsed and folded flat to put into storage when they are not being used.

Each wire basket is coated with a zinc finish and includes a half drop gate that makes it easy to load and unload parts, supplies, or whatever is stored inside. They can also be customized to include casters, lids, and dividers, making them the ultimate storage solution for any type of company.

guide to industrial wire containersNot only are wire containers beneficial for saving storage space, but they also are the safest way to protect your product. The wire used in these containers is extremely sturdy, making it highly unlikely to damage what is inside. Plus, since dust cannot collect on wire, if an accidental fire occurs, water will easily filter through to the lower stacked units. This greatly reduces fire hazards and insurance issues, not to mention reduces the stress on you!

Who uses Wire Containers?

  • Any type of warehouse
  • Any industry that requires in-line assembly work
  • Any industry requires work-in-process parts transfer

What are the Benefits of using Wire Containers?

  • Wire design makes contents easy to identify
  • No dust collection (reduces fire hazards)
  • Very durable
  • Saves space
  • No moisture collection
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Can be customized to fit your company’s needs

How to use a Wire Container? EASY!

how to use an industrial wire containerStep 1. Unfold and secure the container

Step 2. Fill the container with product/supplies

Step 3. Use a forklift or lift truck to move the containers

Step 4. Transport or stack to preferred location

Wire containers are an essential key to an effortlessly organized warehouse. Premier Handling Solutions is one of the world leaders in the wire container business. Be able to choose from several sizes and different customizable options while getting the best shipping rates in the U.S.

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