gifs of wire bending

19 Gifs of Wire Bending that will Hypnotize You

How chicken wire is made — who knew something so simple could be so mesmerizing?

Entrancing! How industrial steel wire is made.

It’s the bent wire we deserve: DIY homopolar motor made from a battery, screw, piece of wire, and disk magnet. The electromagnetic force of the metals forces the wire to move continuously without a motor when the pieces are assembled in a particular way.

Copper wire, one battery, and two magnets: another version of a homemade homopolar motor, but works and looks like an electric train car as the magnets force the battery to move through the copper wire.

Man frees a wolf stuck in a barbed wire fence: When a group of men spotted a wolf trapped in a barbed wire fence by his feet on the side of the road, they knew they had to help. One of the men carefully uses wire pliers to unwrap the wire from the wolf’s foot.

World’s fastest wire bending machine.

How a wire coat hanger is made.

How CNC wire is formed.

Wire sculpture in Calgary, Canada.

Extremely meticulous jewelry-making.

PYRO’S BEWARE…the fiery, beautiful art of copper wire production.

…Even more detailed wire sculptures by Shi Jindian — breathtaking!

Factory wire production…the prettiest thing you will ever see in a warehouse!

Wire lacing at its finest.

Wire spun at rapid speed to create wool — beautiful!

Crocheted Wire

Crocheted wire — Any grandmother that can do this is purely talented!

Ever wonder how a paperclip gets its shape?

Wire art like you’ve never seen it before.

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