what are forklift sleeves

What are Forklift Sleeves?

what are forklift sleevesHave you ever stopped to think about all of the small inventions we use daily that make such a big impact on the way the world functions, such as a nail or a wheel? There are tons of products that are superbly simple in design, yet beneficial in so many ways — and forklift sleeves are one of them!

Forklift sleeves (sometimes called ‘covers’ or ‘socks’) are a form of protection for the forks of a lift truck, mainly used to eliminate steel to product contact. The sleeves are typically made out of a heavy-duty nylon webbing or a temperature-resistant rubber that easily slip on over the forks and have some sort of lock-in mechanism or Velcro piece at the heel.

The Benefits of using Forklift Sleeves:

  • Protects loads, finished products, and forks from scratches and marks (eliminating product damage)
  • Can be custom made to fit exact dimensions of your forklift
  • Economical and long lasting
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Usually produced in orange or yellow increasing visual safety

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